Fall In

A mixtape perfect for crisp days in the Forest.

Find out what to listen to this fall, courtesy of the campus alt-music cognoscenti, aka the WMNJ Executive Board and chair Shara Katz ’13.

“We’re Gonna Be Friends”
The White Stripes
A quintessential “back to school” song that’s perfect for the fall.

Vampire Weekend
This indie rock band provides insight into college life in this track from their 2008 self-titled debut album.

“Fall of ’82 “
The Shins
On their most recent album, Port of Morrow, “Fall of ’82” reminisces about fall staples, like the chilly weather and Halloween. Lead singer James Mercer sings of times long gone, but never forgotten.

Van Morrison
The title track speaks of dancing “’neath the cover of October skies and all the leaves on the trees are falling.”

“Autumn Sweater “
Yo La Tengo
This song off the album, I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, is perfect as the days get colder.

“It’s Time”
Imagine Dragons
The band owes their recent popularity to the trailer for the film Perks of Being a Wallflower, which features “It’s Time,” a song made for inspiring our seniors to carpe diem.

“Sweater Weather”
The Neighbourhood
The buzz band of 2012 interlaces thick, brooding instrumental work with witty and poignant lyrics about love and loss.

“Northern Sky”
Nick Drake
One of England’s doomed romantic songwriters, Nick Drake embodies the nature of autumn. Originally released in 1970 to little acclaim, “Northern Sky” is now being hailed as “the greatest English love song of modern times” by New Musical Express.

“Old Friend”
Sea Wolf
In this beautiful track, Sea Wolf sings about getting older, just as we students do each year.

“Red-Eyed and Blue”
This track off their 1996 sophomore album, Being There, helped give the Chicago band Wilco its huge following.

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