“Keep Going”


Remembering the intellectual strength and penetrating warmth of Professor Otto Maduro.

By Christopher Hann

The retirement, and death on  May 9, of Otto Maduro, 68, a widely beloved Theo School professor, sociologist of religion, immediate past president of the American Academy of Religion and husband, of course, of Drew Spanish professor Nancy Noguera, inspired more than 300 admiring posts on drew.edu/otto. What follows are but a few examples honoring the Venezuelan ex-pat, who had long battled cancer:

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU for ALL you are and ALL you have given us—not just the Drew community but the world community.”—Nancy VanderVeen

“You have exuded a brilliant combination of activism and robust scholarship, which has inspired younger scholars such as myself.”—Anthony Reddie

“We were listening to the NPR broadcast when Otto discussed the election of Pope Francis, and smiling at how wonderfully brilliant and eloquent he was.”—Wycliffe Wilkinson

“It was Otto who excited us about liberation theology. What joy to go with him to a jazz club! Every time I listen to jazz I honor Otto.”—Tom Rowan

“Your guidance and encouragement, and all those emails with Keep Going!!!! carried me through difficult times in my dissertation process. So now I offer those words back to you, with many more exclamation points, each one carrying my love and gratitude to you. Keep Going!!!!”—Tanya Bennett

“I am truly blessed for I have drunk from the cup of knowledge you so profusely shared with me as your student. I have no doubt earth’s loss is heaven’s gain.”—Levi Bautista

“When I first came to Drew, you were a name that loomed large. I hung all kinds of ideals upon your shoulders. It is a good thing that you are strong. I expected you to be earnest, keen, justice-oriented, thought-filled. I found all that, and I found more.—Althea Spencer Miller

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