Portraits of Cancer

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Flashes of Hope’s Amy (Farnan) Green C’85 helps children with life-threatening diseases feel better about their changing appearance by celebrating it.

A Little Free Advice

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Drew Magazine asked 12 knowledgeable (and blessedly opinionated) faculty members to help Barack Obama steer the nation in the right direction. And, for good measure, we’ve included two New York Times columnists who spoke at Drew in the fall.

Voices From Iraq

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Three alumni—a State Department officer, an Army chaplain and a hedge fund manager—talk about life and loss in war.

Cairo Diary

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The day in the life of Ben Shedlock exploring Cairo, Egypt.

“I (Still) Do”

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Classmates Judy and Chick Straut walk down the same aisle 50 years later.

Victory on the Occoquan

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Roger Martin C’65 was not your typical freshman on a crew team. For one thing, he was 61 and president of Randolph-Macon College.

The Day She Should Have Died

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After the Nazis shot her father, Moments in Time author Fay Malkin nearly lost her life at the hands of the very people who were caring for her.


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When students showed up for classes in September 2008, they were in for a jaw-dropping surprise: over the summer, several well-trafficked spots on campus had been given an extreme makeover, including a new Brothers College Café, a revamped food area in the Commons and major residence hall upgrades in the Suites and Tolley/Brown.