Mead 207 | Message from the President

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If you’re not here in the Forest day in and day out, it can be all too easy to perceive undergraduates as an indistinct mass, here for a relatively short time and defined only by a set of canned generational traits and attitudes popularized by the media. We have a remedy for that, and it’s [...]

Jeff Brandes

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Drew men’s tennis head coach on semantics, Puerto Rican slang and the delicious prospect of an unbroken, decade-long conference winning streak come May.

Dissident in Exile

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Egypt’s leading public intellectual, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, risked every­thing to reform Hosni Mubarak’s antidemocratic regime. Even his freedom. By John T. Ward

I Am Drew

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Four years. That’s how long most students spend on campus, but it’s fleeting, evanescent, over far too soon. One day they’re in Drew hoodies and ripped jeans. The next, they’ve got résumés, suits, med school interviews or the LSATs. Drew Magazine wants to slow things down and introduce you to a handful of stellar students recommended by those who know them best, the faculty in the College of Liberal Arts. Consider this a crash course in the Drew of 2010. But don’t rush—the sheer potential will astonish you.

The Rev. Shelly Petz T’08 – Labyrinth Maker

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There had been a dream [at Grace United Methodist Church, in Olathe, Kan.] of having a labyrinth for 10 years, but it never came to fruition. As we began to think about what it meant to journey together, that’s when we decided the journey metaphor and the journey of the labyrinth came together in a great way.

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