Prof. Mastro’s Prescient Invitation

Joseph Biden at Drew in 1974 (Oak Leaves photo)

Theo Professor Emeritus Charles Courtney stopped by recently to let us know that while leafing through the 1974 Oak Leaves he stumbled on a photo of none other than U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden.

We dug into The Acorn’s archives and found that Political Science Professor Julius Mastro had invited Biden to campus in February 1974. Biden, a fresh-faced senator from Delaware who had been elected to office one year earlier, spoke to the Drew community on Watergate and President Nixon’s impending impeachment, as well as the public’s general distaste about the political process and lack of student turnout at elections.

The newspaper credited Biden with humanizing the term “politician” for those in attendance, especially after taking time out to speak with students in the snack bar after his remarks.–Samantha Pritchard C’10

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