Kati Eggert C’11

Eggert is the first student ever named Landmark Conference All-Academic Team in three different sports.

The senior art major and record-breaking athlete on playing three varsity sports, coming from a family of jocks and life after Drew.

By Christopher Hann

You’re a member of the Drew field hockey, swim and softball teams. Do you know of any other college student in America who plays three varsity sports?
Not currently. I’ve been told there were some at Drew years ago, but I don’t know of any today.

You didn’t start playing field hockey until your sophomore year in high school, yet last fall you were named the Landmark Conference Player of the Year. How’d you get so good so fast?
Even freshman year in college I barely played. I guess starting sophomore year, it really—no pun intended—started to stick. The knowledge of the game finally came to me, I guess.

Do you come from a sports-crazy family?
Kind of. My dad’s mother still plays Senior Olympic softball. My dad is a track coach at Morris Knolls High School in Rockaway, N.J. My mom played for a national volleyball team. My brother played soccer at his school. My older sister did two sports in college. So it’s in our genes.

You were a student-teacher this semester. How did that go?
This was the most draining semester of all time. I was up at 6:30 every morning, and I was up ’til 11 at night. At the middle school I had complete responsibility for the classroom, from teaching the lessons to managing behavioral problems. I taught the sixth and seventh graders origami. My eighth graders did pencil portraits of famous people.

What did you want to do at Drew, but didn’t have time for?
Relax. I didn’t have much downtime.

Besides catching up on sleep, what do you want to do after graduation?
I want to teach and coach. Hopefully that will lead one day to being a high school athletic director.

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