Words to the Wise

The Class of 2011 offers sage advice to incoming first-year students.

By Michelle Caffrey C’10

Kay Halverson

“Go to every event, all the comedians, concerts, ask around—it’s a great way to meet people. Drew makes it so easy to figure out what is going on. Go have a good time; there are amazing things at your fingertips.”

Cameron Smith

“Your first semester you’ll be overwhelmed, but that’s just a hurdle to get over. After that, everything falls into place. Don’t worry if you’re not happy at first, there are a lot of good things to come.”

Yang Yang

“Really put yourself into things, throw yourself into everything you do. You’ll get so much out of it. It might be tiring sometimes, but if you just commit yourself, it pays off.”

Ricardo Astacio

“The one thing I would recommend is rugby. It got me through school and gave me an outlet to take out frustration. I could just do something I enjoy doing, without the fear of someone judging me.”

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