You Own Frank Occhiogrosso’s Corduroys

The most ingenious fundraiser we’ve ever seen was the Pants Auction, which sold pants donated by students, teachers and deans to benefit Drew’s Honduras Project. As repeat students in English Professor Frank Occhiogrosso’s courses, Steffi and I knew that we absolutely had to score a pair of his trousers for the 21st birthday of fellow acolyte Kristen Daily Williams C’98. The day of the 1997 auction, we arrived at a UC full of eager would-be pants buyers and, as we waited, our anxiety rose in direct proportion to the selling price of each lot. We couldn’t afford it, but we outbid all the competition. Who cares that we spent the equivalent of a semester’s worth of trips to The Other End? It was for a great cause. And to this day, Kristen still has those pants.—Sarah Murphy and Stephanie Palermo, both C’98

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