Four Seasons at Drew

In vivid watercolors, the Caspersen School’s Roberto Osti interprets a year in the life of the Forest.

Click on the illustration below to view the panorama version, then click on an animal, tree or plant to find out more about species that surround us on the main campus, and in the Forest Preserve and Arboretum. For students and faculty and for area high schools, the grounds serve as a treasured outdoor laboratory for research on forest ecology, pond ecosystems and wildlife.

About the Artist

A native of Bologna, Italy, Roberto Osti has taught at Drew as an adjunct instructor in the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies since 2002. In addition to teaching courses such as “Introduction to Medical and Scientific Illustration” and “The Botany of Healing,” he is a fine artist whose work has appeared in numerous publications, including Natural History and Scientific American.

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6 Responses to “Four Seasons at Drew”

  1. Kieran Conroy, MDiv says:

    Nicely done. Drew’s Forest was one of the huge reasons that drew me there, and I still sneak by whenever I am in Jersey. Glad to see it so well honored here.

    Kieran Conroy
    BA, Drew 2004
    MDiv, Harvard Divinity 2010

  2. Marnie Barno says:

    Beautiful centerfold of the forest. I posted mine on my apartment door of the retirement community where I live and received numerous comments. My favorite plant was the jack in the pulpit; how appropriate!

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  5. Bill Rogers says:

    Kudos to Roberto, who is an awesome teacher and a fine artist!

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