Interview: Ricardo Castro

Castro scored winning goals last year against Goucher and Scranton. Photo by Bill Cardoni

The junior soccer star from Mexico on coming to Drew, his impressions of New York City and the team’s prospects this fall.

By Christopher Hann

You grew up in Mexico and attended one year of junior college in San Diego. How did you end up at Drew?
When I went to San Diego, I told [my guidance counselor] I wanted to go to the East Coast. Since my high school was really small—300 students—she told me that maybe Drew would be a nice option for me.

You were the Landmark Conference Rookie of the Year and made second-team All-Conference. How did you adapt to this level of competition?
I wasn’t used to practice. In Mexico they just play games. When I came here, it was a little different because I had to train every day and play two games a week. I got weaker as the season went on.

You have two more seasons of eligibility. How’s the team look for 2012?
Our team looks really strong. We just lost one starter, a senior, from last year. Our team’s really young, so we’re going to do a good job.

What were your first impressions of New York City?
It’s a really nice city. I was really impressed. Mexico City has way more people with cars. In New York, a lot of people don’t drive.

What were your favorite courses your first year at Drew?
Macroeconomics and French. I’m trying to learn French.

How’s that going?
It’s really hard, but I’m getting there.

How do you stay in touch with your parents in Mexico?
I send them messages or emails when I can. I talk to them on the phone or on Skype, like, three times a month. They are proud of me because I’m really far away from home.

Athletic Shorts

Christos resigned to spend more time with her four children. Photo by Jordan Maslin

Women’s Lacrosse

One of the top coaches in Division III Women’s Lacrosse, Kim Christos stepped down over the summer. Christos spent 12 seasons at the helm of the Drew program, racking up 148 wins. She won three conference championships and took the Rangers to the NCAA Tournament five times. Her replacement is Julia Steier, who comes to Drew from Division I Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn.

McGowan was named Landmark Player of the Year. Photo by Chris Pedota

Men’s Lacrosse

The team enjoyed one of its most successful years on record under the direction of Head Coach Tom Leanos. The Rangers set a new school mark with 13 wins, marching all the way to the Landmark Conference Championship game and sweeping the League’s postseason awards with Leanos honored as Coach of the Year, Sean McGowan ’12 as Landmark Player of the Year and Patrick Lamon ’15 as Rookie of the Year.

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