Out & In

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A fresh intellectual energy and culture of camaraderie pushed us to try and bottle the current campus zeitgeist. Was it hubris to think we could? That never stopped us before.

We Are One

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Ruggers, what gives? Do you play for the mayhem? The third-half libations? Or for the bonds that last a lifetime? However you define its appeal, rugby at Drew has had a glorious 50-year run.

The New & Improved Ehinger Center

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After a yearlong, $12 million renovation of the former University Center, Drew now has a vibrant living room that makes the collegiate experience oh-so-much better.

Uncommon Bond

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After his son was murdered, Walt Everett did what few would. He reached out to the man who killed him.

How Drew Are You?

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You came to the Forest to put your brain cells to the test, but you also left with knowledge not gleaned from any syllabus—namely the backstory of Drew.

BackTalk: Caitlin Aase

April 11, 2011 | by Alex Dawson | Filed under: headline |

Theater is what I want to do, it’s where my heart lies and I can’t not do it.

Absolutely Positive

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Infected with HIV as an infant, Ramona Belfiore spent her earliest years in an orphanage in Nicolae Ceausescu’s Romania. Two decades later, she’s on the verge of graduating college, with all her dreams before her.

The Wealth of a Nation

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The United Arab Emirates, one of the world’s youngest players in the global economy, is intriguing both for its headlong plunge into opulence and its seemingly tenuous hold on it. Sixteen students traveled there on a Drew International Seminar to see business in the UAE come to life.

The Drewid’s Guide to How to Do Everything Better

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Drewids offer advice on how to do everything better, from finding financial aid to escaping from a straitjacket.

I Am Drew

December 15, 2009 | by Allesandra Petlin | Filed under: headline | Tags: headline —

Four years. That’s how long most students spend on campus, but it’s fleeting, evanescent, over far too soon. One day they’re in Drew hoodies and ripped jeans. The next, they’ve got résumés, suits, med school interviews or the LSATs. Drew Magazine wants to slow things down and introduce you to a handful of stellar students recommended by those who know them best, the faculty in the College of Liberal Arts. Consider this a crash course in the Drew of 2010. But don’t rush—the sheer potential will astonish you.

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