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My only reluctance in writing about the quiet heroism of some is that I am perforce neglecting others.

Mead 207

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After my first half-hour with Trevor Weston, I found myself wanting to take his class.

Mead 207

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“You won’t believe what I just saw,” I shouted to my wife on my cell while heading home one evening last spring.

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I’m truly excited by Drew’s ongoing development of a new strategic plan. I know, I know. “Strategic plan” is one of those concepts with all the excitement of counting dots on acoustical ceiling tile.

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As a college student, my idea of study abroad was tourism with a little studying thrown in to justify the lark.

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Walking into a Theo School faculty meeting often feels like being in a winning team’s locker room at halftime. It is evidence of the character of our great dean, Maxine Beach, who is retiring this spring.

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If you’re not here in the Forest day in and day out, it can be all too easy to perceive undergraduates as an indistinct mass, here for a relatively short time and defined only by a set of canned generational traits and attitudes popularized by the media. We have a remedy for that, and it’s [...]