Out | Being behind the times

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Abraham Lincoln tweets. Nat Turner Tweets. So does Louisa May Alcott. So it’s not surprising that the long-departed @DanielDrewU is a Twitterphile too. As is his social media–minded missus: “I think everyone should follow my lovely bride @RoxannaMeadDrew ’cause I’ll never hear the end of it if you don’t.”

You Own Frank Occhiogrosso’s Corduroys

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The most ingenious fundraiser we’ve ever seen was the Pants Auction, which sold pants donated by students, teachers and deans to benefit Drew’s Honduras Project. As repeat students in English Professor Frank Occhiogrosso’s courses, Steffi and I knew that we absolutely had to score a pair of his trousers for the 21st birthday of fellow [...]

You Have 19 Drewids in Your Family

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By Mary Jo Patterson The whole thing started with the Rev. Matchett Poynter, born and raised in the mountains of Kentucky, and his wife Marguerite, a devoted Methodist from Newark, N.J. A chance encounter at a USO dance soon after World War I led to love, marriage and four little Poynters. The couple also launched [...]

You Can Ace a Drew Crossword

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By Brendan Emmett Quigley There’s a Drew trivia contest hidden here. Think you’re up to it? To enter, email answers to 19, 27, 37, 48, 61, 71, 82 and 89-Across to magazine@drew.edu by October 14. Three contestants selected at random from correct entries will each receive a Drew sweatshirt. Good luck to all. [The answers will be available on October 15, 2011, so [...]

You Now Hail the Blue & Green

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For decades, undergrads wore green and gold. But then, Drew’s hue changed.

You Fell in Love Here

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We tracked down four couples and got them talking. Tissues ready? By Christopher Hann Jeremy Maisto C’00 and Emily Stine Maisto C’02 Late fall, 1998. Tilghman House. Spring registration. By 6 a.m., first-year Emily Stine had been waiting several hours before she was next in line. Both registration tables were empty. The guy behind one [...]

You Find Drewids Hard to Categorize

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Putting one’s finger on Drewidity isn’t easy. But maybe that’s the beauty of it. By David Hinckley C’70 The first person I spoke to at my Drew freshmen orientation, on a warm afternoon in early September 1966 under an oak tree outside Brothers College, was Larry Packer. Two and a half years later, on some [...]

Your Name Is Drew

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Joshua Drew C’98 is just one of four Drew alumni whose last name matches the university’s. Descended from a 19th-century Daniel Drew (though not ours), Drew remembers when his assistant lacrosse coach, Gene Peluso, told the team, “It’s time we start thinking about the name on the front of the jersey and not the ones on [...]

You Know Your Pub Lore

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Pub pioneers remember the early days. Or not. By Christopher Hann Drew’s beloved pub has served as a major center of campus social life for nearly four decades. And to think it all started with some really profitable pinball machines. In the fall of 1973 the student committee that ran the UC installed an armada [...]

Drew Remembers

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On 9/11, an ordinary commute for the U.N. Semester turned out to be anything but.

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